SAFEVIEW Who we are

Content protection experts

SAFEVIEW develops a Conditional Access System that has already proved its efficiency in the audiovisual content protection. Our CAS/DRM has allowed operators switch to Digital TV and IPTV all over the world without jeopardizing/risking revenue.

Operator TV and Viewer

In SAFEVIEW we are aware the operator has the most valuable: relationship with the client and content supplier. Our aim is to offer the right tools in order to adapt content into these new consumer’s habits, making the most of multi-screen and interactivity, so operators get the power back. We want to keep the viewers hooked up to the operator’s offer, and we want it to be their main entertaining choice wherever they are. We also want the operator’s investment to be profitable through our Punto Azul aimed advertising system and custom content recommendation. Whatever it is your net setup, we invite you to know more about our offer.

Integration, support and maintenance

In SAFEVIEW we are Broadcast, Hybrid and Broadband design experts, from head end to Set Top Box, ensuring compatibility and performance. So you only have to look after your net and provide your client with the best content.


  • Cable

    Nowadays, almost 50% of households worldwide are still on analog TV. Network digitization is the first step to increase revenue and customer loyalty. More information →

  • Satellite

    Satellite TV Operators offer their clients more advanced services every day. SAFEVIEW brings e2e solutions aimed at enhancing viewers’ loyalty with maximum content protection for the operators. More information →

  • DTT

    Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) has evolved since its initial deployment into richer formats. More information →


    End user habits and demands are moving to TV and Internet convergence. One of the increasingly requested feature of TV is the ability to watch it on any device through the power of applications. More information →


We provide end-to-end solutions for Broadcast (DTH, SATELLITE, CABLE) and Broadband (IPTV/OTT) TV Networks

  • In-house and third party technologies and products based on open standards (DVB, HLS)
  • Equipment providers for elements that complement our technology (STB, HE, SERVERS, OSS/BSS)

We accompany our customers in their Digital TV projects and we add meaningful value through our consultancy, engineering design and operational support services. Flexibility, fast deployment and optimized cost are SAFEVIEW’s service distictions.

Our solutions →




It’s a last generation Conditional Access System and DRM (Digital Rights Manager) which features the highest possible protection. More details →
EPG Service

EPG Service

Features an EPG or table DVB EIT generation system integrated on its CAS product. More details →
Push VoD


Provides the operator with the capability of supplying an audiovisual content renting service. More details →
MIddleware Lite

Middleware LITE

Through the LITE middleware STB is able to identify and sectorize the STBs, and so aim the most effective advertising to each profile. More details →
Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising

Punto azul is a mark-up service platform which provides pay TV operators and TV channels the possibility of obtaining new revenue from interactive TV. More details →
Punto Azul

Punto azul - IPTV/OTT Ecosystem

IPTV/OTT Platform. It is a comprehensive and flexible solution for television platforms that uses IPTV and OTT (Over-The -Top). More details →
Safeview CPE

Safeview CPE

Our STB are designed for the convergence of TV and Internet. STBs are available for IPTV or hybrid IPTV QAM . More details →


Engineering, integration, services for TV operators. Operating in more than 20 countries. More details →

News and events


    ADVERTISING OTTTraditional business model of Pay TV has been based on subscription fees charged by the cable operators, satellite operators and IPTV operators to the end subscriber despite the advertising that broadcasters included in their channels or programs.

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  • Nepal's MSO Subisu moves to SAFEVIEW's IP and Multiscreen Solution

    CNC NetworksSubisu Cablenet, the largest MSO in Nepal, is deploying a new hybrid DVB-C/IPTV multiscreen solution with Android 4 STBs provided by Safeview. Subisu is currently migrating its HFC network to FTTH starting from the headend at Baluwatar, Kathmandu, and spanning all major locations in the Kathmandu valley.

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    Today you do not have to be a very big cable tv network to go digital.


    An indo spanish joint venture with offices in India. We have every possible solution for digitization of cable tv networks. We are offering lowcost/high end digital headends and the best DAS (Digital Addressable System).

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  • SAFEVIEW Identified as a Hot Vendor in the CAS Market

    Frost & SullivanPay TV systems rely on conditional access systems (CAS) to ensure that content and subscription revenues are protected against piracy. Major markets like North America and Western Europe have already digitized their cable systems and have mature offerings of satellite direct-to-home (DTH) and IPTV services as well.

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