Punto Azul IPTV/OTT Platform

IPTV/OTT Platform

It is a comprehensive and flexible solution for television platforms that uses IPTV and OTT ( Over-The -Top ) . It also allows access to value added services and brings interactivity to conventional TV services . With multi-screen capabilities, user can access entertainment anytime and anywhere.
Do not limit your customers within network boundaries: any pay customer can subscribe to operators platform anywhere in the world using OTT capabilities.

Interactive TV Services

IPTV / OTT PUNTO AZUL middleware allows the use of interactive television services in both IPTV and OTT networks.
This enables access to exclusive content and services to TV users within or outside operators managed IP infrastructure. PUNTO AZUL provides services such as Live TV, EPG, social networks, video conferencing, Timeshift and Catch- up TV, nPVR, VoD or Advertising directed through managed network or over Internet.

Multi-Display or Multi-device

PUNTO AZUL middleware and TV portal TV are not just limited to set- top boxes. Platform is also able to support other devices like smartphones , tablets , game consoles and computers with different operating systems. This feature allows you to offer customers the ability to watch their favorite content wherever and whenever they want.

Content delivery

Our solution allows intake of both live TV and VoD streams. The platform IPTV/OTT decode signals received, the re-encoded and packetized streams to deliver to various supported devices. This process is possible thanks to the integration of PUNTO AZUL with technologies such as HLS (Http Live Streaming), Microsoft Smoothstreaming or Adobe Flash HTTP Streaming (HDS).


The IPTV/OTT solution is modularity structured. SAFEVIEW priority is to ensure the scalability of the system: all modules of the platform can be distributed across multiple servers in order to ensure the scalability through load distribution systems.

Advertising activity fully under control

PUNTO AZUL IPTV/OTT platform performs the monitoring of TV user behavior and can learn from it. It is possible to create multiple profiles correlated to different segments of the population and adapts advertising that each TV user receives according to unique profiles. Platform unique performance helps to optimize the impact of advertising to each TV user.

Content Protection

SAFEVIEW platform has a high degree of security powered by SAFEVIEW CA and DRM systems. PUNTO AZUL IPTV/OTT is integrated with Microsoft PlayReady to provide content protection on HLS and Smoothstreaming for secure OTT content distribution.

Advanced Reporting

By the intensive use of continues bidirectional communication with platform, the collection of any kind of statistical information is simple and straightforward. This capability makes possible to create multiple reports through the information collected from each STB.