Middleware Lite

Middleware Lite

Through the LITE middleware STB is able to identify and sectorize the STBs, and so aim the most effective advertising to each profile.

What’s the point of watching mistaken advertising that won’t take any effect on the consumer? Through led advertising the users will receive advertising information based on their likes and/or needs.

LITE Middleware is a tool that allows providing interactivity to all kind of STBs on broadcast or one-way networks, including low range STBs or zappers.

The operator will be able to define customized applications in a simple way, and will be able to issue such applications on the selected channels during the specified time. These applications will in turn be able to be associated to certain user profiles, so only those users who fulfill such profile will be able to access the application.

These applications can consist of multiple pages. Each of these can be formed by menus, pictures, texts, etc. Possible application examples which can be developed with this system are:

  • Aimed advertising, with additional info access.
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Last news
  • Shopping
  • etc.