Push VoD


Provides the operator with the capability of supplying an audiovisual content renting service, so the viewer can enjoy blockbusters without having to leave his home. All through the USB on the TV receiver.

A hard disc will be connected in the USB port, in which an exclusive use partition will store the film renting services. This partition will be automatically managed by the STB, and the remaining capacity will be for free use of the subscriber.

The operator can periodically issue new contents. The STB will manage its partition so that it will store the new and the previous months’ content. Old content will be erased if the hard disc runs out of space.

The stored and available for rent contents will be displayed to the user through the PPV application which will allow the typical operations (Content offer access, Right purchase using IPPV, Purchase record access, available PPV credits…)

Besides, the service will provide the user with playback control (play, fast forward, pause, stop…)

Video Rental provides a new monetization way making the most of the STB capacities (even available on the lower cost ones) and the broadcast emission residual bandwidths, ensuring a viewer’s optimal experience.